FAQ – Trenton-Mercer Airport


Stats and Facts
  • 787,400 Passengers Enplaned in 2020
  • 80% Leisure Travelers
  • 20% Business Travelers
  • Travelers are coming from a 60+ mile radius
  • Link to Trenton-Mercer Airport – Click Here
Frontier Airlines Now Serving Trenton-Mercer Airport with Regular Non-Stop Service To:
  • Charleston
  • West Palm Beach
  • Jacksonville
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Nashville
  • Minneapolis
  • Myers
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Chicago*
  • Detroit*
  • Tampa
  • Raleigh/Durham*
  • Charlotte*
  • Atlanta*
Higher Dwell Time

Unlike billboards, magazine, and radio, airport advertisements offer the valuable opportunity to hyper-target and capture both consumer and business traveler’s attention for a longer duration. Passengers, on average, are spending approximately 2.5 hours at an airport, allowing your message to resonate in front of a captive audience. By delivering your brand to nearly 1 million in- and out-bound annual passengers (frequent travelers), your company’s message becomes increasingly reinforced on a local and regional level.

Be In The Forefront of TTN’s Expansion

Data released by the Federal Aviation Administration shows passenger growth at Trenton-Mercer Airport increased 30.6 percent in 2017 over 2016.  With Frontier’s announcement to add four new destinations in 2018, increased aircraft seating capacity, and an expansion plan to grow the airport by an additional 100,000 square feet, securing your brand’s prime advertising space ahead of the curve is vital to ensuring your company’s presence for growing, future travelers.

Audience With Buying Power

Operating out of the heart of the 12th most populated county in New Jersey, Trenton-Mercer Airport enplanes not only business travelers, but also 80% leisure travelers throughout the year. Mercer County’s median household income of $77,650 positions the average TTN traveler as a consumable demographic, making more than the median income in the United States and New Jersey.

15 Reasons to use airport advertising account to (OMC) Outdoor Media Center
  1. Passengers have an average of 90% ad awareness at the airport.
  2. 69% of business travelers “expect to see business and corporate advertising.”
  3. 73% are looking for ideas for things to do and places to visit
  4. 59% are open to finding out about alternative travel options for their journey home
  5. Business travelers are key decision-makers in every area of spend within their company
  6. 85% of passengers are open to finding out about new products and services at the airports
  7. 71% say they have time to read advertising messages
  8. 92% of passengers agree that airport advertising increases a brand’s international status
  9. 91% agree that brands benefit from advertising in airports
  10. Average dwell time a passenger spends at an airport is 2.5 hours – higher than rail, underground and bus stops
  11. Airport media may create a stronger impact amongst passengers due to longer dwell time
  12. Increasing dwell time allows opportunities for passengers to absorb the message and remember the brand in future
  13. Airport advertising can drive and encourage passengers to retail visits
  14. Responses to Airport ads are 18% higher than roadside
  15. 47% of business flyers agree that it would be relevant to see advertising for finance deals at the airport when returning home from a trip
Airport Advertising delivers an affluent audience with minimal wastage

73% like to treat themselves to indulge at the airport*

The Benefits of Physical Billboards Over Digital Billboards Include:
  • Less expensive than digital: In many geographic markets, traditional physical billboards are less expensive than digital. This makes leasing billboard space a better option for small businesses that want to stick to a smaller advertising budget.
  • More existing inventory: Physical billboards have been around longer than digital billboards, so there is more inventory and infrastructure for this form of advertising.
  • Not subject to glitches: Physical billboard advertising relies on static, printed images instead of light-emitting diodes like those used in digital billboards. For that reason, physical boards won’t fall victim to glitches and power outages, as can happen with digital.
C-Suite Frequent Travelers

Marketing to the elusive C-Suite audience can prove to be challenging. Key decision-makers from various companies, both large and small, are frequent travelers through Trenton-Mercer Airport. Many C-Suite travelers work in sectors include banking, technology, energy, and finance. A desirable advertising target possessing influence across local and national spans, your brand can remain front and center of a difficult audience to target.

It Reaches Key Influential Decision-makers in Business Model

60% of our executive business audience believe that the airport is the best place to advertise international B2B brands*

It Connects with Alert Consumers in an Unique Environment and Receptive Mindset

Passengers have an average of 90% ad awareness at the airport* (*Source: JCDeaux2017)

Airport Advertising – An Overlooked Revenue Opportunity

Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN) has been an important part of the Greater Central Jersey Region for over 88 years. It is both a major economic engine for the area and an air travel hub that hosts a robust mix of commercial, corporate, private, and government aviation users. Home to Frontier Airlines, which offers non-stop service to 17 U.S. Cities, TTN serves as the aviation division headquarters of several Fortune 100 companies.

Airport vs. Highway Billboards

Six seconds has been touted as the industry average for reading a billboard. So, around six words are all you should use to get the message across. You can push this to a few more words depending on their length and ease of reading but as a rule of thumb. Airport advertising is viewed significantly longer, the consumers on at walking speed or standing in one position.

OOH Increases ROI for Search +40%

OOH can significantly enhance the effectiveness of search-driven ad campaigns, especially those driven by mobile. Benchmarketing research shows that brand advertisers can see as much as a 40% increase in ROI when OOH is added to the campaign <Read More>

Explore the Trenton-Mercer Area

Located in the 12th most populated county in New Jersey and pulling travelers within a 60+ mile radius, the inbound and outbound traffic of Trenton-Mercer airport and its passengers are key to making powerful marketing decisions for your business. With the addition of four new destinations announced in 2018 and a growing customer base, TTN is currently developing plans that call for a 100,000 square foot terminal enlargement, projecting a 13 percent increase in number of flights by 2025.

10 Years of OOH Growth and No End in Sight | Steve Nicklin VP of Marketing at OAAA

While the explosive growth of digital channels has largely left traditional media diminished, OOH has been the exception and just posted its 40th consecutive quarter of growth (up 7% in Q3 2019).  While the explosive growth of digital channels has largely left traditional media diminished, OOH has been the exception and just posted its 40th consecutive quarter of growth (up 7% in Q3 2019).  <Read More>

CPM (Cost Per Thousand) Media Comparison
  • Trenton Airport- $22.00
  • Spot TV $35.00
  • Online Video $26.50
  • Newspapers $32.50
  • Magazine $16.00
  • Digital Placed (Outdoor) $21.00