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Located in the 12th most populated county in New Jersey and pulling travelers within a 60+ mile radius, the inbound and outbound traffic of Trenton-Mercer airport and its passengers are key to making powerful marketing decisions for your business. With the addition of four new destinations announced in 2018 and a growing customer base, TTN is currently developing plans that call for a 100,000 square foot terminal enlargement, projecting a 13 percent increase in number of flights by 2025.

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Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN) has been an important part of the Greater Central Jersey Region for over 88 years. It is both a major economic engine for the area and an air travel hub that hosts a robust mix of commercial, corporate, private, and government aviation users. Home to Frontier Airlines, which offers non-stop service to 17 U.S. Cities, TTN serves as the aviation division headquarters of several Fortune 100 companies.

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